Unlimited Financing for Business Success

By using a process known as factoring, our expert financial team at C&C Associates are able to speed up your payments, providing the quick funding necessary to grow your business. If you sell products or provide services but must rely on payment plans that last 30, 60, 90 or even longer, consider how accounts receivable financing works for you.

Selling an Asset, Not Taking on Debt

For many business owners, waiting for invoice payments is a common practice, but taking on more debt may not be a viable solution. With financing receivables, you sell your invoices to C&C Associates for less, which results in the funds you need now and no effect on your credit rating. Approval is only dependent on your customers’ credit, making this a smart and safe financing option that allows you to grow your business in numerous ways:

  • Cover operating expenses
  • Take on large and/or new orders
  • Purchase equipment or inventory
  • Keep up with seasonal demands
  • Fund payroll
  • Expand and grow
  • Purchase equipment or inventory

AR Financing Benefits

Not all financing products are made for every problem, but AR financing provides a number of benefits to our customers:

  • 24-hour cash in hand
  • Zero fixed payments
  • No loan board decisions
  • Free credit insurance
  • Bulk purchase and early pay discounts
  • No recourse if no payment

For a free, no-obligation application, contact our C&C Associates financial experts today.