Finance New Equipment the Easy Way

Purchasing equipment is a necessity for a wide range of industries regardless of whether the business is new, established or recovering from economic hardships. Many businesses need new equipment to grow or remain in compliance with laws and regulations. If you need equipment but have a hard time finding appropriate funds to make the purchase, consider how C&C Associates gets you the products you need without tying up your capital.

Programs That Work for You

We cover a number of business types from veterinary and doctor’s offices to public schools to gyms, all of which need various equipment to be successful. These are our leasing programs that provide the money you need:

  • Startup: Funding for those in business less than two years can be hard to come by, but we will back your purchases so you can grow.
  • Government and municipal leasing: Entities such as libraries, armed services, public schools, fire houses, police departments, state agencies and more are guaranteed approval for equipment financing. The credit rating of the individual agency determines the rate.
  • Sale and lease back: You get to use your equipment during the lease term, and once the account has been paid in full, the ownership transfers to you.
  • B, C and D credits: This is a second chance program for those whose credit ratings suffered due to periods of economic hardship.

Benefits of Leasing

When you finance your equipment purchases, you are able to use your capital for other important areas of business, but that is not the only benefit of equipment leasing. Here are many other ways you benefit when using one of our programs:

  • Up to $150,000 application
  • Free up credit lines
  • Fixed payments
  • No financial statements
  • Multiple payment structures
  • No obsolescence
  • Small or no down payment
  • No large capital investment
  • Tax advantages
  • Up to $500,000 middle market financing
  • Over $500,000 for large ticket
  • Low monthly payments

Our financial experts at C&C Associates are waiting to get you started with a free analysis and application.