Medical Financing to Help You Help Others

For any running a medical practice, cash flow and working capital are important factors of staying in business. At C&C Associates, we offer a variety of healthcare financing options to improve your practice. Whether a dentist, veterinary, optometrist or pediatrician, these great services are at your disposal.

Working capital loans are a great way to handle nearly any financial situation in your practice. With terms of up to 72 months and no upfront payments, our loans help you with various quick expansion activities. Certain uses include equipment leasing, acquisitions and debt consolidation.

Equipment Leasing Can Be Easy

Your experience in medical care means you know where to find the right equipment, but you can’t always buy it outright. Leasing equipment through healthcare financing is an easier route and is a good option for items you don’t use every day.

Acquisitions to Grow Your Practice

Merging your practice with another can save money in the long run but often has large upfront costs. That’s when an influx of working capital can really help your practice grow.

Consolidate Your Debt for Easy Payments

Managing multiple loan accounts takes time away that would be better spent treating patients. Debt consolidation lifts the burden of interacting with multiple lenders and can be a great way to get a better rate.

Contact our office to learn more about our financing options for your practice. We look forward to helping you succeed.