What You Need to Know About a Merchant Cash Advance

At C&C Associates, we have perfected the merchant cash advance. This financial solution could be exactly what your business needs to grow, pay off debt or handle a rough patch. First, you will need to know what this kind of loan is all about.

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

This kind of focused advance can be as large as $200,000 for each of your brick-and-mortar business locations. Your advance is taken against your merchant account, such as credit card sales via Visa, Discover or American Express. Quick turnaround is important to a cash advance and you can usually expect to see funds in seven days or less.

How Can You Use a Merchant Cash Advance?

First, you can get this kind of advance whether or not you have good credit and is a useful alternative to a small-business loan. Any aspect of your business that needs funding can use the influx of cash from a merchant advance. Some common uses include:

  • New and continuing advertising campaigns.
  • Equipment repairs, replacements and upgrades.
  • Inventory expansion, storage or delivery.

Whether your business needs to grow or get back on track, contact us for more information. At C&C Associates, we focus on how you can efficiently manage the financial side of your business.