Real Estate Loans for Your Business

C&C Associates knows that you often sink a lot of resources into your company’s physical location, which can harm your credit score. A stated income commercial real estate loan is the perfect option for situations like this. Instead of looking at your credit, this loan considers the piece of real estate in question and looks at the overall property value.

How to Use a Stated Income Loan

There are a few ways a stated income commercial real estate loan can be used to improve your business. One of the most common is to purchase a property location. If your business rents a location and wants to buy it outright, this loan can help you do that. Similarly, if you own only part of a building and want to expand, you can also use this loan for that purpose.

Other uses deal with handling current financial obligations. Debt consolidation can save you money and reduce the number of lenders you are involved with. Refinancing is another option when taking out a loan of this type and works especially well when you are dealing with a high or adjustable rate.

Property transactions, refinancing and debt consolidation are not the only use for this loan. You can also pay for property improvements to locations you already own. This includes upgrades and repairs. This money can also be used as working capital, allowing you to cover a few bills or emergencies while you wait for your receivables to flow in.

How to Tell if You Qualify

Depending on whether you are an owner or a non-owner occupier, the rate and LTV you qualify for will differ. However, here is a short list of some types of properties that can be financed with a stated income loan:

  • Retail locations
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Auto service stations
  • Apartment buildings

To find out more about this loan, contact our offices. We can answer any questions you may have and easily walk you through the application process.